Meet Evolve®, Multiceras’ citric acid Candelilla wax portfolio: creating with care

In recent years, the transformative impact of citric acid on industries has garnered significant attention. One notable innovation is the use of citric acid in the extraction of Candelilla wax, a development revolutionizing various sectors thanks to its sustainable and multifunctional properties.

Among these groundbreaking products is Evolve®, Multiceras’ portfolio of citric acid Candelilla wax, reshaping how we approach both product creation and preservation. Let’s delve into the journey of Evolve®, spotlighting its extraction process, enhanced resource efficiency, and conscientious product development.

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A citric acid revelation in wax production

In 2016, Multiceras embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize wax production, harnessing the power of citric acid. Traditionally, Candelilla wax extraction had relied on sulfuric acid for over a century.

However, driven by an increasing demand for natural alternatives and heightened environmental awareness, Multiceras pioneered a new era in wax extraction. The transition to citric acid marked a significant stride toward a greener future, endorsing sustainable practices without compromising on the highest quality standards.

Evolve®: the epitome of sustainable innovation

Evolve® is more than just a product; it stands as evidence of Multiceras’ steadfast commitment to environmental care and community well-being. The production of Evolve® waxes adopts an eco-friendly approach, prioritizing resource efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

This transformation is not only evident in the final product, but resonates throughout its lifecycle, spanning from extraction to application.

Responsible development, eco-friendly extraction

Evolve® distinguishes itself not just through its outstanding qualities but also through the responsible manner of its crafting. By substituting sulfuric acid with citric acid in the extraction process, Multiceras has not only prioritized the health and safety of Candelilleros (rural producers) but has also broadened opportunities for women to engage in the process.

This transition has not only enhanced the safety of the process but also paved the way for more inclusive practices within the industry.

Unlocking the potential: Evolve® in action

The versatility of Evolve® knows no bounds. Extracted with citric acid, it possesses properties that render it a crucial ingredient across a spectrum of applications. From confectionery to cosmetics, TTR, inks, fruit coatings, and beyond, Evolve® transforms products while maintaining a sustainable footprint. With a diverse range of grades tailored to various requirements, this portfolio offers a fresh perspective on wax applications.

Empowering a sustainable future

The transition of industries toward sustainable practices is an exhilarating journey, and at its vanguard is Evolve®. This innovation extends beyond waxes; it is a catalyst for shaping a more conscientious and caring future for our planet.

As you seek to create and preserve your edible products, consider the possibilities that Multiceras brings to the table. Its multifunctional nature and commitment to eco-friendliness make it an exceptional choice for those who value quality and responsibility. 

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