From citric acid to every industry: the fascinating journey of Candelilla wax

From the humble Candelilla plant, a versatile and sustainable wax is extracted through a unique process pioneered by Multiceras. This Mexican company has revolutionized the extraction method by replacing traditional sulfuric acid with environmentally friendly citric acid.

In this article, we will delve into the sustainable extraction processes of Multiceras’ Candelilla wax, exploring the role of citric acid and highlighting the invaluable work of the candelilleros in this remarkable journey.

The Rich History of Candelilla Wax

For over a century, Candelilla wax has been extracted using sulfuric acid. However, Multiceras recognized the importance of environmental responsibility and the growing demand for natural products. This led them to develop a novel extraction process using citric acid, a safer and more eco-friendly alternative.

The plant itself, known as Euphorbia cerifera, thrives in the arid regions of the Chihuahuan Desert, spanning the northern parts of Mexico and southern Texas.

Empowering Communities and Preserving Tradition

At the heart of this sustainable journey are the candelilleros, skilled workers who extract the Candelilla wax from the plants. Multiceras has invested in training and educating these communities, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the extraction process efficiently.

Thanks to the introduction of citric acid, the work of the candelilleros has become safer, empowering women in the field to participate actively in the extraction process.

Versatility of Candelilla Wax in Various Industries

Candelilla wax offers unique properties that make it an essential ingredient in various industries:

  • Cosmetics: Its resistance, stability, and malleability make it a preferred choice for formulating cosmetics such as lip balms, creams, and lotions.
  • Pharmaceutical applications: Its stability and compatibility with various active ingredients make it a valuable component in ointments, creams, and suppositories.
  • Food: Its emulsifying and binding properties make it a valuable ingredient in food products such as chewing gum and food coatings.
  • Other Industries: This wax is also utilized in the manufacturing of adhesives, inks, coatings, polishes, and even crayons. With the introduction of the citric acid extraction process, these industries can now access a more sustainable source of Candelilla wax, reducing their ecological footprint.

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Multiceras’ commitment to sustainability and community

Multiceras prioritizes environmental sustainability and continuously strives to reduce its ecological impact. Through continuous improvement in their environmental processes, they aim to reduce resource consumption and minimize their carbon footprint.

In addition, Multiceras actively engages with the communities involved in the extraction process, supporting their organization, and promoting sustainable land management practices.

By providing administrative support for land use permits and development programs, Multiceras empowers over 100 communities in Mexico, fostering socio-economic development and creating shared value.

Citric acid, fulfilling the amazing journey of Candelilla wax

Citric acid has fulfilled the amazing journey of Candelilla wax, championing a safer and environmentally friendly method of extraction. This innovation ensures the availability of Candelilla wax for industries while preserving the ecological balance of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Through their commitment to sustainability and community empowerment, Multiceras sets a shining example for responsible and ethical practices in the wax industry. For more information about our solutions and commitment to sustainability, visit our LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube pages.


Citric Acid | Eco-friendly Candelilla Wax Extraction!

Citric acid has revolutionized wax extraction, particularly, when we talk about Candelilla wax. Thanks to its incredible benefits, this acid was able to improve the lives of many workers and revive a market that otherwise would have been difficult to sustain over time.

In times when sustainability is so important, having an eco-friendly material is fantastic. You are not only helping the planet by avoiding polluting with extraction practices, but also improving the image of your business. Learn more about this revolutionary method! Discover all the advantages of this product!

The best candelilla wax in the area!

Advantages of extracting candelilla wax using citric acid

Citric acid is much more environmentally friendly when it comes to extracting candelilla wax. This incredible wax is extracted in the Chihuahuan Desert, in a much safer way, thanks to the use of citric acid.

The most remarkable thing is that thanks, to the use of this acid, not only safer extraction conditions were achieved, but production also increased. As a result, more products derived from candelilla can be produced in a shorter amount of time. Some of these products are:

  • Adhesives
  • Crayons
  • Emulsions
  • Inks
  • Pharmaceutical products

And so many more!

Why is citric acid an eco-friendly alternative?

Thanks to citric acid, reforestation after extraction processes is much easier. In addition, this element does not cause considerable damage to the health of the people who work with the candelilla.

Labor conditions

Working conditions have improved since the implementation of citric acid in the Candelillero communities. This acid has generated a less dangerous extraction process, so workers can take their income directly to their families without any risk.

7821 Light Special C3 Candelilla Real®  

It is one of the best-selling products made from the extraction of Candelilla wax with citric acid. This innovative product generates very soft structures that can be perfectly used in the production of oleogels.

It is a 100% organic product and is often used to produce dermatological products.

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Discover the Benefits and Industrial Uses of Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax, derived from the candelilla plant, is a remarkable natural resource with rich history and versatile applications. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating journey of candelilla, from its origin as a resilient desert plant to its widespread use in several industries.

We will also explore its role in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dental, and electronic products, and highlight the natural and sustainable aspects that make candelilla wax an attractive alternative to other waxes. Keep reading!

Candelilla wax: a plant-based wonder

The candelilla plant, scientifically known as Euphorbia cerifera, thrives in the arid and harsh conditions of the northern Mexican and southwestern United States deserts. This small perennial shrub has developed a unique defense mechanism to combat water loss, producing a protective wax coating on its leaves and stems.

The wax, known as candelilla wax, is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, fatty acids, and esters. Harvesting candelilla involves collecting the leaves and stems of the candelilla shrub and then boiling them in water to separate the wax from the plant material. The extracted wax is further refined and processed, to obtain the final wax product.

Versatile applications in various industries

Cosmetics Unleashed

Candelilla wax is a coveted ingredient in the cosmetics industry, found in lip balms, lipsticks, lotions, creams, and various skincare products. Its natural emollient properties provide a smooth texture, while its binding capabilities help maintain product integrity.

The wax forms a protective barrier on the skin, to lock in moisture and protect against environmental aggressors. With increasing consumer demand for natural alternatives, this wax offers a sustainable option, catering to conscious beauty enthusiasts, without compromising performance.

Pharmaceutical and Dental Innovations

Candelilla wax plays a vital role in pharmaceutical and dental applications. It is a coating agent for tablets and capsules, enhancing swallowability and facilitating the controlled release of active ingredients. 

This wax’s smooth and glossy texture makes it an excellent choice for coating pills, ensuring easier ingestion. In dental products, such as dental floss and mouth guards, this kind of wax provides strength, flexibility, and non-toxic properties, contributing to oral health with an eco-friendly touch.

Electronics and Beyond

Even the electronics industry benefits from candelilla wax. Its insulating and protective properties make it an ideal choice for various electrical applications. Candelilla is used as a protective coating for cables, wires, and electronic components, guarding them against moisture, dust, and damage.

Its low melting point and exceptional adhesion properties make it easy to apply and ensure reliable performance. By using candelilla in electronics manufacturing, companies can embrace sustainability without compromising functionality and safety.

Natural and Sustainable: a win-win Choice

Candelilla wax stands out not only for its versatility, but also for its natural and sustainable characteristics. As a plant-based wax, it offers a renewable and biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based resins, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

The candelilla plant is known for its resilience and ability to thrive in challenging desert environments, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

Furthermore, the cultivation and extraction of wax support our Mexican “Candelilleros” in Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Durango, Nuevo León, and Coahuila, providing a source of income and fostering sustainable development in the region.

Multiceras: leading the Way

In the pursuit of natural and sustainable wax solutions, Multiceras emerges as a frontrunner in candelilla wax production. With a commitment to responsible sourcing and production practices, Multiceras provides high-quality wax that meets rigorous sustainability certifications.

The company adheres to ethical harvesting practices, ensuring the preservation of the candelilla plant and its ecosystem. Likewise, by partnering with Multiceras, industries can confidently incorporate candelilla wax into their products, aligning with environmentally conscious consumer demands and strengthening their sustainability efforts.

To continue your exploration and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the wax industry and sustainable practices, we encourage you to connect with Multiceras on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Join a community passionate about nature and the remarkable applications of candelilla.