For many years, the Candelilla plant has been highly recognized for its medicinal uses as well as for its protection mechanism and seal for moisture retention. The properties of this plant allow the generation of Candelilla wax, which has helped the expansion of its multiple uses to different industries.

In this article we’ll explore more about the production process of this wax, its advanced filtering methods and how Multiceras has implemented innovative processes for a better use of Candelilla, integrating the efforts with business, academic and governmental sectors from a social responsibility perspective.

Discover the uses of Candelilla wax and its applications in the confectionery industry.

Candelilla wax production process

Initially, the Candelilla plant is manually extracted with its root. Subsequently, bales of 20 to 30 kg are prepared from the flat plant free of impurities and taken to collection centers to begin the wax extraction process.

For the extraction, water acidified with sulfuric acid is used and heated by direct heat to the boiling point of the solution, thus separating the wax from the plant. The molten candelilla wax floats on the surface of the water.

Subsequently, the wax is separated by decantation, on top of the aqueous phase a yellow layer is formed which constitutes the Candelilla wax that is left to cool at room temperature until a hardened wax is left.

This wax is broken into pieces that are then melted to release the impurities of earth and organic matter that are finally separated by decantation. This decanted wax is then allowed to cool again to begin the refining process.

Refining and filtering of the wax

In the final process of wax extraction, it’s necessary to break the solidified wax again in order to refine, melt and filter it. This refining often includes a hydrogen peroxide bleaching step for special applications in different industries looking for these types of refined waxes.

The refined wax achieves characteristics such as a surface with high gloss levels, which is one of the most appreciated properties of Candelilla wax for the industrial uses.

Multiceras is a leading company in the commercialization of natural, synthetic, and petroleum-derived waxes. We have been in the market for more than 45 years with a solid infrastructure in research and development.

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