icono-candelilla-titulo Candelilla REAL

Candelilla wax is a 100% natural substance, hard, stable, protective, plastic, and easily moldable. With a color ranging between brown and light yellow, its surface can reach high levels of brilliance, which is one of its most valued properties for a variety of specialty applications.

Is used in a wide diversity of applications, being currently used in more than 20 different industries worldwide, mainly in the European Union, United States and Japan.

Its distinctive properties make it an essential raw material for the manufacturing of cosmetics, gum base, inks, dyes, adhesives, coatings, emulsions, polishes and pharmaceutical products

Candelilla Real Codes

Code Product Presentation Melting point °C USP 741 Class II Number of Acidity USP 401 Penetration dmm ASTM D1321 Visual Color
7806 Candelilla REAL® Clara-S Dust 69 – 73 12-22 0-2 Yellow
7820 Candelilla REAL® Clara Especial Pills 69 – 73 12-22 0-2 Yellow
7833 Candelilla REAL® Refinada Pills 69 – 73 12-22 0-2 Brown
7834 Candelilla REAL® Refinada Pills 69 – 73 18-22 0-2 Brown


Punto de fusión (ºC) por el método USP 741 Clase II. Número de Acidez USP 401. Penetración (dmm) ASTM D1321.
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