& Development

Multiceras business strategy involves the development of new products, formulations and materials, the move towards higher value added-business sectors, as well as the integration with complementary industries, enabling us to fulfill the increasing needs of both national and international markets.

To achieve these objectives, it is of prime importance to establish links between the development of proprietary technologies and those technologies generated in other disciplines and industrial sectors. For this reason, Multiceras promotes the formation of alliances, with strategic partners, specialized research centers and academic institutions throughout the world.

Multiceras works with prestigious international corporations for the development of new wax products and other specialty formulations, related to the basic product portfolio marketed by the company. Such is the case of wax emulsions, where Multiceras has established a strategic alliance with the Canadian Corporation Norjohn Ltd., a member of Walker Industries Holdings Ltd., headquartered in Ontario Canada.

The Candelilla Institute was created by Multiceras as a strategic move to improve the world competitiveness of Candelilla wax products, through projects based on international marketing, technological research, sustainable development and socio-economical growth. In this high priority venture, Multiceras is supported by prestigious research centers and Mexican universities.