It is the commitment of Multiceras satisfie our Customers needs and expectations, through the Innovation in products and services, the Continuous Improvement in each of our processes and the development of our Human Capital, encouraging a culture of Social Responsibility.

Since the early beginning, Multiceras has established a solid quality commitment, which has been supported on the certification and rigorous application of the ISO 9001:2000 standard for all critical processes in the company. Multiceras executives have defined Quality in Service as one of their top priorities, working on a daily basis to improve the customer satisfaction levels.

As an essential part of this continuous improvement process, it has been fundamental to keep a permanent measurement of all critical variables, being one of the most important the Customer Satisfaction Level.


Multiceras applies biannual surveys to measure the customer satisfaction level, in which 10 concepts related to products, value, service and communication are evaluated. For this evaluation, a numeric scale from 0 to 10 is utilized, where a higher score means better results. The company has established its control parameters with a 7.5 score for the minimum level, 8.5 for the satisfactory level and 9.5 for the outstanding level.

The measured concepts are the following:

QUANTITY: The amount delivered by shipment is in accordance with the amount agreed on the purchase documents.

DOCUMENTATION: Each shipment is delivered with the required documentation (Quality Certificate, Invoice, etc.).

VALUE: The company response on urgent orders is satisfactory and timely.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: The sales and technical development personnel give a professional technical support when required.

SERVICE: The personnel attitude and efficiency are adequate during order taking and complaints response.

COMMUNICATION: There is a continuous communication between customer and company, contributing to improve their relation.