Our Company

 Multiceras S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican Corporation specialized in design,
fabrication and commercialization of natural, synthetic and petroleum waxes,
as well as of related products for industrial applications.

The company has worked with great flexibility for adapting to the changing market conditions through time. Being a company born for exporting beeswax and Candelilla wax, it handles nowadays a portfolio integrated by more than 60 different products, commercialized in more than 20 diverse market sectors, both in Mexico and abroad.

Multiceras keeps a very strong export vocation, getting 40% of its income from the export sales, which are carried out throughout all planet regions.
Technological development has been one of the keystones for the company’s growth. Multiceras counts with a solid R & D infrastructure and forms continuously its human capital to face the ever-rising globalization challenges.

Experience gathered from three decades of active presence in the market enables Multiceras to position as an entity that is mature, dynamic and strongly committed to satisfying the customer specific needs.

Multiceras plant and corporate offices are located in Garcia, Nuevo Leon, 12 miles west from the city of Monterrey.

Multiceras has sales offices in Monterrey and Mexico City and is currently developing a reliable distribution network throughout Mexico.