Multiceras offers a wide range of wax formulations that we develop day by day, to address the specific needs of industry globally. We provide our customers with products that meet their expectations, continually strengthening our employees a culture of commitment, quality and creativity.


Our vision is to become the leading waxes supply company of waxes and related products, focusing our efforts in those industries and markets where we can deliver the best value. To accomplish this we will promote a work environment that fosters teamwork, innovation, and operational excellence for the benefit of our customers, our most important stakeholder.

Respect means honoring ourselves, others, and the environment that sustains us all.

Commitment motivates us to give our all to the team and trust that we can achieve our goals together.

Excellence drives us to perform at our highest level.

Safety guides our behavior and demands that we be vigilant in minimizing risks and preventing accidents.

Diligence spurs us to execute tasks with effort and care, attending to details large and small, and achieving the best possible result.

Creativity inspires us to generate ideas, push boundaries, and discover original solutions.


Our six corporate values guide our daily actions and align all of our efforts with the Multiceras strategy: